IT IS UP TO YOU! Enough is enough. We will no longer be silenced and attacked for our views. We need 1 Million signatures to take to the White House! 

Freedom of speech has never been in such danger of being outright destroyed. Tech companies such as Facebook, Google & Twitter have become too powerful, too large and are now a full blown monopoly on their respective industries. These companies are actively using their power, technology and biased politically motivated employees to target and silence free speech of political opposition. 

I gave my 3 limbs fighting for this beautiful nation. What are you willing to give? 

Who's signing

Dallas McNeal
Aaron McNeal
Al Lorenzo
Lawrence Hardin
Lourdes Fernandez
Diana Pearce
Fatima Egan
James Parker
Dulce de PinhoOk
Brenda Parker
Wilma Briggs
Imrich Kuric
John Pyle
Trish Andersen
Michael Velders
Linda Barbiaux
Martha Joyce
Gordon Humphrey
Janice Lane
Juan Amezaga
Pamela Lambert
Cary Noel
Jeff Rossman
Harold J Beylotte Jr
Casey White
Kathy Quick
Gypsy Brokenwings
Judy Green
Thomas Bradley
20,000 signatures

Will you sign?