Calls For Mark Zuckerberg To Resign From Facebook Increase In Wake Of Scandal

Facebook investor Jonas Kron called for Mark Zuckerberg to resign his position at the social media network in the wake of the bombshell detail that the company hired a consulting firm to smear its detractors.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Jonas Kron, the senior vice president at Trillium Asset Management, spoke out against the social media platform, of which his company owns a significant stake. Kron said, “Facebook is behaving like it’s a special snowflake. It’s not. It is a company and companies need to have a separation of chair and CEO.”



NEW YORK TIMES: ‘Facebook Cannot Be Trusted to Regulate Itself’

“Facebook cannot be trusted to regulate itself,” tweeted Rhode Island Representative David Cicilline on Wednesday night.

Mr. Cicilline, who is likely to chair the House of Representative’s Judiciary subcommittee that focuses on antitrust law, was responding to a Times investigation, one that painted a damning picture of how Facebook had handled the discovery of Russian misinformation campaigns on its platform. Based on interviews with more than 50 people, the investigation depicted Facebook’s top executives — including Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg — ignoring and downplaying the extent of Russian skulduggery, even going as far as to stall the publication of internal findings.

On Thursday, Facebook pushed back in a blog post that denied slow-rolling its response to foreign election interference.

But familiar questions remain unanswered: How much did Facebook know, and when?



Brad Parscale: Big Tech Is Meddling with Free Speech… and Elections

The biggest of the Big Tech companies are quickly positioning themselves as the internet’s thought police, threatening to stamp out one of America’s most cherished freedoms — the right to free speech.

The internet has clearly evolved into the public square of the 21st century. Over the last couple of election cycles, it’s become the number one source for sharing and discussing political and social ideas.

Unfortunately, Big Tech monsters like Google and Facebook have become nothing less than incubators for far-left liberal ideologies and are doing everything they can to eradicate conservative ideas and their proponents from the internet.



GOP Still Powerless Against Big Tech Censorship

Republicans have controlled the House and Senate, as well as the Presidency for almost two years, yet still, big tech totalitarians at Facebook, Twitter and Google continue to censor speech based on political differences, with little to no pushback from lawmakers.

Given the enormous influence these tech monopolies have over society, it’s time to hold them accountable for their blatant and destructive bias.

In 1998, the Department of Justice sued Microsoft for its monopolization of the World Wide Web, a case that eventually ended in a settlement by Microsoft. The entire ordeal was one that put Microsoft on notice that it could not own the entire web, stifling competition—and voices—from being heard.

To be clear, discriminating against individuals based on political differences has little to do with what defines a monopoly, but given the influence that big tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google have over access to information and the transmittance of information throughout society in 2018, their power is becoming analogous to Microsoft’s in the 1990s.

Given this seemingly unyielding power, in conjunction with blatant and repeated stifling of speech based on political partisanship, it’s time for Congress to put big leftist tech on notice that they are not untouchable.

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