Brian Kolfage, retired US Air Force, combat wounded triple amputee is leading this fight after Facebook took over $300,000 from his business and then shut him down, simply because his powerful company supported President Trump. 

Brian has made it his #1 priority to hold Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook accountable for their actions. Big tech has become too powerful, and they are actively undermining American democracy by picking and choosing what people see and hear - in order to push their political agenda. 

We've all been in Facebook jail before, we have all been silenced and attacked for our beliefs. This is YOUR chance to say ENOUGH, and FIGHT BACK!

Brian needs your help to grow this movement! He's vowed to have the DOJ investigate and will file a massive lawsuit than will ensure YOU and future generations of Americans are never attacked for your political beliefs. 

Brian gave 3 limbs, what are you willing to give to protect Free Speech?